🚦Only warnings have been sent to violators since January

🚦They are located at two intersections on Route 611 in Warrington

🚦Police say the township does not financially benefit from the cameras

WARRINGTON, Pa. — The 60-day break-in period for new red light cameras comes to an end and tickets will soon start to be issued.

The cameras, formally known as Automated Red Light Photo Enforcement (ARLE), went up on Route 611 in Warrington at Bristol Road and Street Road in January. Only warnings have been sent since but starting Thursday violators could face a civil monetary penalty of $100. Citations do not affect one's driving record, insurance rate or CDL status.

Another addition to the intersections are new "no right turn on red" signs on Route 611 and at eastbound Street Road at Route 611.


Safety not revenue

Warrington police said safety and not revenue is the intent of the cameras.

"Our goal is not to ‘catch’ violators. We get no additional revenues from the program, we have no incentive to just catch violators. Our main objective is to reduce accidents, and especially accidents with injuries, by deterring violators and reducing the number of red light violations, not just catching the violators after the fact," the department said in a statement.

Images are reviewed by trained police officers to determine if a violation has actually occurred before a notice of violation is sent. Citations are to be sent within 30 days of the violation.

Violations may be challenged at an in-person hearing to be held at the Warrington Township Administration Building. According to the township's website failure to show for a hearing with result in an "automatic final determination of liability."

It is not clear if there is a penalty for non-payment of the fine.

Red light camera on Route 611 at Bristol Road in Warrington, Pa
Red light camera on Route 611 at Bristol Road in Warrington, Pa (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media)

How many red light cameras in PA?

The project was approved by the Warrington Township Board of Supervisors at their Nov. 22 budget meeting. Operational costs are $30,000 and capital costs are $112,900 which will be reimbursed to the township in up to two years by fines.

Until now there have been 37 red light cameras in the entire state: 34 are in Philadelphia and three in Abington.

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