Halloween 2023 is finally here and people are already showing off their brilliant, creative couples costumes and group costumes on TikTok!

One pair in Salem hilariously dressed up as Indiana Jones and the boulder than nearly crushes him in the 1981 film Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with golden Chachapoyan Fertility Idol.

Another couple famous on TikTok dressed up as two American insurance icons: Flo from the Progressive commercials and Jake from State Farm insurance.

The pair even mouth along to their characters' famous commercial lines in their video.

Once upon a reality TV show time, rapper Bhad Bhabie, a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli, was simply known as the "Cash Me Outside" girl.

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Bregoli shot to fame during her much-memed, viral appearance on Dr. Phil in 2016 — a moment one pair on TikTok revisited for their Halloween costume this year, with one person dressing up as the mustached Dr. Phil and the other as the attitude-laden teen.

The 2003 Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan-starring body-swap comedy Freaky Friday shaped countless millennial childhoods.

One pair on TikTok paid homage to the freaky flick by dressing up as Lohan's Anna and Curtis' Tess.

Check out more fun Halloween couples costumes and group costumes featured on social media this year, below:

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