Andy Cohen fell victim to a fraudster who scammed him out of "a lot of money."

The Watch What Happens Live host confessed that he was tricked by a sophisticated scammer who duped him into handing over his personal details, leading to the theft.

Speaking on his Daddy Diaries podcast, Andy, 55, said: "Someone called saying they were fraud alert from my bank.

“Then [they] asked for my Apple ID and password. And I was like, ‘OK, this never happens.'

"I had already logged into my bank app, and I think somehow, my logging in through whatever this site was gave them access to my bank app.

"They were naming credits that I had made — the charges — because they clearly had access to my account.

"What I should have said is, ‘Can I call you back?’ Or what I should have maybe said is, ‘I’m gonna go to my bank and handle this.’"

Andy explained he thought the call was related to a debit card he had recently lost and he was on the phone with the hackers "for an hour and 10 minutes."

He later discovered that "these people wired out of two accounts that I have a lot of money."

Andy is now "in the process of trying to get [his] money back."

He said: "Part of my advice for people is that if something is happening, just go to your bank branch.

"And when you get emails, look very closely at the email address. It might say your bank’s name, but click on the name, and then the email address will appear, and you’ll see that it’s some other random address."

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