Disney is continuing its mission to be more inclusive by adding dolls in wheelchairs to the company's iconic It's a Small World ride at Disneyland.

Los Angeles-based CNN correspondent Natasha Chen announced the ride update in a tweet Friday (Nov. 11).

"Disneyland unveiled two brand new dolls *in wheelchairs* this morning at 'It's a Small World'! Similar additions anticipated at WDW and DLP next year. Photos here sent to me by Disneyland," Chen wrote.

See photos below:

According to Chen's tweet, it appears that both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris will be adding dolls in wheelchairs to their respective It's a Small World rides in 2023.

The news comes amid several strides Disney has made over the past few years to become more inclusive.

Over the summer, the theme park replaced the Fairy Godmother title at the company's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique salons with the gender-neutral title Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice.

In June 2021, the Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Fla., removed the pre-event/pre-fireworks greeting phrase: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls..."

It has been updated to: "Good evening, dreamers of all ages..."

In addition, Disney World guests are now greeted with non-gender-specific greetings when arriving to the theme parks.

Disney has received mixed reactions since employing the inclusive in-park phrases. Many fans have praised Disney for their efforts to be more inclusive and welcoming for all guests, while others have called the changes "woke blather."

Disney also announced they plan to highlight more inclusive stories in future movies.

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