This would certainly be a huge change for Pennsylvania schools and I'm not sure all parents and teachers would like it.

Pennsylvania schools have the option of a 4-day school week

According to Glenside Local, schools in Pennsylvania have been given the go-ahead from Governor Josh Shapiro to switch to a shorter, 4-day school week.

The Governor signed new legislation back in December (2023) that revises the Pennsylvania School Code.

Pennsylvania School Districts are now allowed to choose between going to school 180 school days or 900 hours for elementary students and 990 hours for secondary students.

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The could mean the new school week would either be Monday-Thursday or Tuesday- Friday.

A 4-day school week would mean other days are longer

When you first hear "shorter school week," your ears may perk up, especially if you're a middle or high school student. It seems like a gift, right?

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Here's the catch though, the other days in school would be longer. Could you keep students engaged for longer?


What about after-school activities and sports? They would run later too, some into the night.

Families would have child care issues with 4-day school week

What about younger students? I'm sure some families would run into daycare or babysitting issues.

On the "day off" from school, who would be home with the kids if the parent, or parents, have to be in the office?

Would they have to work from home while trying to juggle kids? That's tough.


Many in the state are calling for reformed workplace hours if school districts choose to shorten the weeks. To read more on the possible change, click here.

In some states that have already moved to 4-day school weeks, student test scores in math and reading are suffering. For more information, click here.

There are a lot of moving parts to this. So it may not be as easy as it seems.

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