💎 Thieves smashed the glass out of the door at Queen May Jewelry in Cape May

💎 The owners posted video of the burglary and a list of stolen items

💎 It's the third destructive jewelry store burglary in the region in the past 2 months

CAPE MAY — A jewelry store posted video on its Instagram page of thieves stealing $300,000 worth of jewelry and handbags and a list of the missing items.

Queen May Jewelry, which praised Cape May police for their investigation on their Instagram page, decided to "tap the power of social media" by posting video of three hooded thieves breaking into the store around 3 a.m. on May 5.  They broke the glass door, climbed inside and went to work taking items back outside as the clip ended.

No employees appear to be in the store at the time.

The video also lists each item that was stolen and the inventory number. Every bag is serialized and is in a database, according to the post. A rare Louis Vuitton Truck was among these items with the name "Jenny Hecht" on the side.

The store asked for the list to be shared with pawn shops or second-hand merchants. The trunk was especially a big loss to the store's owners.

"The trunk hurt. A lot. But maybe they will find them because of it? It’s super rare," the owners said.

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List of items stolen from Cape May Jewelers 5/5/24
List of items stolen from Cape May Jewelers 5/5/24 (@queenmayjewelry via Instagram)

Third destructive robbery

Cape May police told Fox 29 that thieves used a sledgehammer to smash the front door on Washington Street.

Two days after the break-in, thieves entered the Jems, Jewels and Gold store at the Shoppes at English Village in Horsham, Pennsylvania, around 5 a.m. after cutting a hole in the wall from an adjacent store. One of the thieves was shot in the arm by the owner who was legally carrying a handgun. Other potential suspects fled the scene, according to Horsham police.

An office inside a jewelry store at the Ocean County Mall in Toms River, New Jersey, was similarly burglarized on March 27.

Thieves went into a vacant neighboring store to cut a hole in the wall, according to Toms River police. Using a torch, the burglars cut phone and alarm cables before entering a safe where they removed jewels valued at $1 million. Nothing was taken from the showroom.

The thieves also covered the sprinkler heads with tape and used rags to block the bottom of the office door to keep smoke from being detected. An alarm panel was also ripped from the wall and deactivated.

No arrests have been made.

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