Air travel can be a huge pain, with the packing, getting to the airport, parking, going through security; it can be a huge headache. A new report says that it’s even more of a headache in Newark.

Finance Buzz ranked the airports based on flight delays in the winter and summer, TSA wait times, overall customer satisfaction (using the 2021 J.D. Power North America Airport Satisfaction Survey), complaints filed against the TSA, and amenities.

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The report says that

Newark Liberty ranks low in overall customer satisfaction, and, according to the Department of Transportation, flights going in and out of this airport are delayed frequently.

A recent study by Upgraded Points found that Newark had the longest TSA wait times of the 25 busiest airports in the country, despite being only the 15th busiest airport.

Newark Liberty Airport (Photo: Associated Press)
Newark Liberty Airport (Photo: Associated Press)

Not very complimentary, is it?

Passengers cited factors like long wait times, outdated facilities, and poor customer service as contributors to the low satisfaction levels.

Some of the other airports that fared poorly are Baltimore/Washington, which was last in third worst in customer satisfaction and dead last in TSA wait times.

Boston’s Logan International Airport was another one near the bottom, with more civil rights complaints against the TSA than other airports.

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Philadelphia’s airport doesn’t come out looking too good; It was ranked the worst among all large airports in customer service satisfaction — by quite a few points. Those surveyed rated Philadelphia International poorly in categories such as terminal facilities, food and retail amenities, and check-in experience.

Charlotte’s Douglas Airport was named the best airport in the country, along with Detroit and Atlanta.

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