Every year around graduation time the question is raised by parents across New Jersey. The driving question to their teens is whether they will work over the summer break or hang around the house.

I was working when I was 12 years old, scraping up oil from the floor of my family's machine shop in Westmont, New Jersey. In high school, I left the shop for my sophomore year summer grabbing a job at the shore working in a hardware store in Sea Isle City.

Sea Isle City
Sea Isle City

My main memory from that experience was the boss who was, let's say "less than friendly." Today we hear constant concerns and complaints from store owners and small businesses having trouble finding employees.

One caller on Friday told us that Ocean County Park in Lakewood could not open the swimming lake because they have yet to find lifeguards to staff the swimming area. If you or someone you know is looking for a summer job as a lifeguard, and yes, they'll train you, visit the park website.

Young lifeguard with megaphone on beach background. Lifeguard on duty with a life buoy at the beach
Aleksandr Zhurilo

What was your first summer job? Let me know on our free New Jersey 101.5 app so we can share the list of the best and worst summer jobs in Jersey!

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