💲 The cost of parking at New Jersey attractions can run from free to nearly $50

💲 It can cost more to park at Six Flags Great Adventure than Disney World

💲 Buying tickets online can also help with parking costs

Between tolls, gas and food, it can be an expensive proposition to travel to New Jersey fun spots. But depending on your destination, you can catch a break on parking.

Parking is free at some destinations like the Cape May County Zoo, Liberty State Park, the Popcorn Park Animal Refuge and the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange. If tickets are purchased online parking is free at the Island Waterpark at the Showboat in Atlantic City.

A 30-minute visit to the American Dream shopping and entertainment complex in the Meadowlands is also free. (They start charging if you stay longer).

Parking at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson can be free if you have a season pass.

For a single visit, parking can run $45 to $60 for priority parking closer to the main gate.

By comparison, it costs $30 per day to park at a Disney World theme park. Cityparking, which operates the lots around Yankee Stadium, charged $47 for self-parking in its four lots around the stadium.

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How much does parking cost at NJ fun spots?

It's great to spend time at New Jersey amusements and fun spots. Some places charge to both park and get into an attraction while others offer free parking. (information is as of April 22, 2024)

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Given the increases in car thefts in New Jersey has Six Flags increased its security in its parking lots?

"For safety purposes, we don't disclose all of our security measures but confirm that we do have signage on property along with roving security and video surveillance," spokeswoman Staci Wheeler told New Jersey 101.5.

Volta charging stations are new to both Hurricane Harbor and the theme park. They are in the preferred parking section by the main park entrances.

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