The big day is here! It's time for a solar eclipse, but this time it's not a total solar eclipse of the heart... it's a brief eclipse. So what time will it peak in your area? We have that here for you.

The path of totality — which is about 115 miles wide — is centered through the middle of the country, in the Northeast its path of totality includes sections of western Pennsylvania, upstate New York, and parts of Maine among others.

Our area, however, will only see a partial eclipse. The percentage of totality in PST Nation will range between about 85% and 91%. PST Nation, of course, is the area spreading between Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania suburbs, and New Jersey.

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Despite that, the exact time the eclipse will peak will vary by a few minutes across our area. And the percentage of totality will as well. The best chances to see the eclipse more clearly are towards the north and western parts of New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Most areas will stay in their peak window for about two and a half minutes in total. If you miss this one, by the way, you'll have to wait quite some time for another chance because the next eclipse of this magnitude in the United States is 21 years away.

And, of course, if you're heading outside to look up at the sky, eye protection is recommended with solar eclipse-safe sunglasses.

April 8, 2024 Eclipse times & percentages for parts Philly, NJ & PA

These are the times when you should expect to see the solar eclipse across Philadelphia, southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey. Plus, we've got the percentage of the sun that will be covered up by the moon. Information is from the National Solar Observatory.

Gallery Credit: Joe, 94.5 PST

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