🚗 Uber Rent with Valet is now available in parts of New Jersey

🚗 Have a car delivered to your door and picked up when you're done

🚗 Uber Valet is not available at airports

You might know that Uber Rent is an easy way to rent a car directly in the Uber app, but now with the Uber Rent Valet option, customers can save time and a trip to the rental lot by having the car directly delivered to their door and having it picked up upon their return.

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The Uber Rent Valet just launched a few weeks ago in parts of New Jersey, said Gabe Nudel, Head of Consumer Rentals at Uber.

Right now, Uber Rent Valet is only available in North Bergen, Bayonne, Jersey City, Union City, and Hoboken. It’s also available in New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami, and San Francisco. There are plans to launch the service in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles later this year.

Uber Rent with Valet on the app (Uber)
Uber Rent with Valet on the app (Uber)

Why the need?

The driving idea behind the program came from numerous consumer horror stories at rental car locations, Nudel said. Either they waited for hours in long lines, or when they got there, there were no more cars available to rent.

“With Valet, it’s sort of like Uber Eats, except instead of a cheeseburger from McDonalds, it’s a car from a rental partner, let’s say, Avis. That car is delivered to you at your doorstep,” Nudel said.

With a touch of a button, a person can get a car delivered to them wherever they are and whenever they want it, Nudel said.

The only place you can’t use the valet option is at airports, he added.

Uber Rent with Valet on the app (Uber)
Uber Rent with Valet on the app (Uber)

How does Uber Rent with Valet work?

It’s very simple. Download the Uber app. Click on the tile that reads “Rental Cars.” Put in the location where you want the car of your choosing delivered to, and the time you want it delivered. The app will run you through a verification profile creation setup.

“At the time of delivery, you can track the car being brought to you. At delivery, the earner will get out of the car, hand you the keys, and you can take the car for as long as you want,” Nudel said.

Uber Rent with Valet on the app (Uber)
Uber Rent with Valet on the app (Uber)

What is the price?

Prices are on par with car rental companies, Nudel said. When you take an Uber, you pay for the time and distance of your trip. But with Uber Rental, you pay for a daily increment from anywhere from $30 to a couple of hundred bucks a day, roughly.

It all depends on the kind of car, the location, the amount of time you want it for, and how you customize it. Add-ons are available in the app.

“We’re excited to offer a service that we think uplevels the traditional rental car experience that’s almost like an Uber where if you push a button and you get a car, but instead of getting in someone else’s car for a short period of time, somebody comes and hands you a key and you can take the car for as long as you want,” Nudel said.

While the valet option is only available in parts of New Jersey, there are plans to hopefully expand to more suburban areas, he said. Next year, the idea is to launch the valet option internationally.

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