Sea Isle City is offering beach-goers something new for the 2024 summer season, according to Sea Isle News.

I have a feeling some people will hate it, but many will most likely embrace it.

Sea Isle City, NJ to sell digital beach tags

For the first time ever the town will be offering digital beach tags.

Beach toys in the sand

Wow. I absolutely love this idea.

No more forgetting your tag, putting holes in your swimsuit when you pin it on, or weird tans lines because you pin it on your swimsuit strap.

If you choose to purchase one, you won't have to keep track of that little plastic badge anymore. I can hear a collective, Hallelujah.

Crescent Beach, Maine USA

Physical beach tags will still be available

Don't worry. If you like the little plastic beach tags or are a collector of them, you'll still be able to buy them, the town is just adding the digital beach tags as an option.

It's a very 2024 move.

Digital beach tags will be for sale on a mobile app

Here's how it's going to work. You will buy your beach tag via an app and it will be saved on your phone...easy peasy...everyone has their phone practically attached to them nowadays.

Close up of hands woman using cell phone.

When you're asked to show your beach tag, you'll show it on your phone.

Sea Isle City spokeswoman, Kathy Custer, is excited about the new beach tag option saying in the article, "People won't need a physical beach tag. They'll it on their phone. We're hopeful. I think it's going to be a good thing."

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Sea Isle City digital beach tags will go on sale around April 1, 2024

The beach town is hoping sales on the digital beach tags will begin around April 1st.


In the meantime, you can download the app and get ready for the tags to go on sale. Search "My Beach Mobile" in the App store or Google Play. For more info on the app, click here.

You'll be able to buy daily, weekly or seasonal beach tags.

If you're not into the digital beach tags, you'll still be able to buy the little plastic ones through the app and pick them up in town.


When do you need beach tags in Sea Isle City, NJ?

You need a beach tag in Sea Isle City from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

To find out prices for the 2024 season, click here.

Summer can't get here soon enough.

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