New Jersey is about to experience a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event. Although partial solar eclipses are known to happen in The Great Garden State, rarely do they ever get around the 90% totality range.

But that's exactly what's happening on Monday, April 8, 2024. A near-total solar eclipse will be happening in New Jersey, with totality a bit more the further north you are.

And as expected, people from all over the state are getting ready to witness what should be an amazing experience. That is, as long as the rain and cloud cover stays away (think sunshiny thoughts).

Most in New Jersey have also been warned of the dangers that are associated with such an event. Even though a huge portion of the sun will be obstructed by the moon, it doesn't make looking at the sun any safer.

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Solar Eclipse viewing glasses in NJ
Here's where to get Solar Eclipse viewing glasses in NJ (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

When you shouldn't wear them

With the exception of complete totality, it is never safe to look directly at the sun. Even with fewer sun rays making it down to our part of the planet, you can still end up with permanent eye damage as a result.

But with so much talk about the necessity of wearing solar eclipse glasses during the eclipse, there is one situation in which you should absolutely avoid putting them on.

If you're behind the wheel and want to glance up at the eclipse, don't. Even at a red light or stop sign, authorities from many states warn that this action is dangerous.

And yes, even if you put the solar glasses on. Here's why you're strongly urged not to do it.

Partial solar eclipse

You won't see

Keep in mind that solar eclipse glasses are designed to allow you to stare at the sun safely. In order to do that, the filters must meet certain requirements.

Those same filters also make everything incredibly dark while looking through them. So much so that it significantly affects your vision should you choose to wear them while driving.

Solar eclipse glasses are not meant to be worn as sunglasses, nor are they meant to be worn behind the wheel. And it's because of this that you absolutely should not wear them while driving.

If you are behind the wheel and want to take a glance, pull over and park the vehicle safely before putting on those eclipse glasses. Wearing them at all behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous and should never be attempted.

Partial solar eclipse

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