Spring is a wonderful time of the year. Not only is winter behind us, we get to look forward to the summer season which is right around the corner.

It's also a great time of year for those who want to get that stuffiness out of their house. Especially for those who have a forced heat system, having it warm enough outside to open the windows is such a relief.

Because let's face it, nothing beats fresh air. The only drawback here is seasonal allergies, but we all know that's part of the season.

Outside of that, it's nice to have the heat finally turned off. Or at least, being used a lot less.

Service Call

Prepping for next season

Eventually, the heat won't need to be turned back on until after summer comes to a close. But being that's a long way off, we won't think about it now.

What we should be thinking about is the next season ahead. Yes, spring typically brings milder air, but it won't be long before extreme heat returns to The Garden State.

And when that first humid, 80-degree-plus day rolls around, will you be ready? Unfortunately, some in New Jersey won't.

That's why the spring season is the perfect time to have your air conditioning unit looked at. Yes, it's still not that hot outside, but that's why now is an ideal time.

Air conditioning unit being serviced

Still blowing cool

Don't get fooled if the air feels cool if you try it out in the spring. If the air temperature is low outside, then it might be hard to tell if the unit isn't working properly.

At least, for the homeowner it might. Again, someone who handles and works on HVAC units will know what might need to be tuned up ahead of the summer heat.

The same thing goes with heat systems in the fall. Especially if a unit didn't seem to be working its best toward the end of the season, it might be a good idea to have it serviced before it's too late.

Air conditioner fan

Appointment backlog

Now let's say a homeowner decides to wait because, well, it's not necessary to run in spring. But then that first hot day arrives, and the air conditioner doesn't quite work right.

You try to get someone out to look at the unit, but all technicians are backlogged because so many others also have waited until the last minute. With so many units now being serviced at once, it might be a while before your air conditioning unit can be looked at.

However, if you get it tuned up beforehand, you not only beat the rush, but you're also more likely to get a technician fairly quickly. If anything does need to be addressed, it can be resolved before those first hot days of summer ever arrive.

Hot temperatures on a partly sunny day

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