If you had to pick your favorite meal of the day, what would you pick? Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s extremely hard to decide which style of food you’d pick. If you ask me, there’s nothing that beats breakfast food in my opinion.

I could eat pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc, forever and never get sick of any of it. There’s a place in Princeton, New Jersey that is serving up some of the most amazing pancakes I’ve ever seen in my life.

I know you’ve been scrolling on Instagram and have gone down a wormhole of staring at pictures or videos of kieski pancakes, otherwise known as souffle pancakes. If you haven’t they’re extremely popular in Japanese cuisine and always look like I would pass out if I got the try them.

If you’ve been craving these amazing, cake-looking pancakes, this little spot in Princeton, New Jersey just off Nassau Street.

The cafe is relatively new according to Daily Princetonian and they are serving up the most beautiful souffle pancakes I’ve ever seen. There are different kinds you can try like their matcha souffle pancakes, fresh fruit souffle pancakes and so much more.

Of course, the souffle pancakes look amazing amd may draw you in, but they have a menu full of burgers, sandwiches, and savory breakfast items as well.

The spot is called J.S. Foodies Tokyo and it’s located right on Tulane Street in Princeton, New Jersey near Princeton Record Exchange. This spot is a necessity for foodies in the Princeton area!

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