One of the biggest perks to living in New Jersey, I think, is our easy access to all the beaches that we have dotting our coast.

Even if you're not a big beach person, you can still appreciate a good beach town at least right?

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One of the coolest parts of the Jersey Shore is that each beach is unique for its own reasons.

For example, you have places like Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights which have amazing boardwalks that go along with their beaches.

Or you could go to the beach in Sandy Hook where you get a unique view of the New York City Skyline.

It's both eery and awe-inspiring in my opinion.

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Have you ever stopped to think through what travel experts think the best beach in New Jersey is?

It's one that you've likely been to at least once in your life and is special for its own reasons.

Island Beach State Park Ranked One Of The East Coast's Best Beaches.

It's more than a beach, it's a state park, and it's such a cool place to visit for the day.

island beach state park, best beach on the east coast
Credit: Google Maps

According to Outside Online, Island Beach State Park is the best beach in Jersy and one of the best beaches to visit on the East Coast.

You can swim, surf, hike, kayak, and even camp on the beaches here, and in the grand scheme of things, it's cheaper to visit than buy a beach pass. 

It'll run you $6 dollars to visit during the week, and $10 during the weekend.

By the way, if you want to bring your dog to the beach with you, you'll want to check out these beaches sometime.

The Best Dog Friendly Beaches In New Jersey

According to Shore News Network, these are the best dog-friendly beaches you can visit during the off-season at the Jersey Shore! Please note municipalities may change rules, so always be sure to double-check the town websites before you take your dog out to the beach!

Gallery Credit: Buehler

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