Whether you find one crawling on your walls or moving about your house, stink bugs can be found throughout New Jersey and you may start noticing a few of them inside your home!

Now that the weather is warmer, stink bugs are slowly coming out of hibernation.

Hopefully, you won't see them because they're gross!


Stink bugs hibernate during the winter months, but ever since we had that week of a few warmer days, I started noticing a few of them.

What are stink bugs?

Marmorated stink bugs appeared in the United States in the late 90's.

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They came from Northeast Asia and it's believed they first traveled to Allentown, PA on shipping containers and spread throughout the country.

According to pest control experts, you mostly see stink bugs between March through September.

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An article in USA Today states:

"The good news is that now that they're awake and active again, they're looking for a way to get back outside."

As for why they're called STINK bugs...they smell!

"When squashed, frightened or disturbed, stink bugs secrete a foul-smelling, bad-tasting substance."

The trick to never smelling a stink bug is using a paper towel or toilet paper and gently grabbing it so it doesn't release an odor.


Experts recommend sealing off exterior entry points so they can't enter your house.

Another big problem is bed bugs.

Here's how you can tell what bed bugs look like.

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