There is nothing better than a pizza for dinner especially when you’re living in New Jersey. Although most of us most likely order pizza from our local pizza shops, we still do have a generous amount of pizza chains in the area as well.

Honestly, in college, Dominos was the only pizza I could get for myself at 3 in the morning so, I got kind of used to the chain pizza life. Some people prefer chain pizzas such as Pizza Hut and Littel Ceasars over the taste of a local pizza shop we can find in New Jersey.



Although chain pizza spots are everywhere, there is a difference between them all, meaning some are much better than others. 24/7 Wall St. has created a list of the 5 pizza chains you MUST avoid at all costs and the spot that made it to number 1 has 14 locations throughout the state of New Jersey alone!

Who knows? Maybe this is your guilty pleasure chain pizza! 5 pizza chains have made the list and they’re as follows:


#5 - Domino’s 

Domino’s has roughly 176 locations in New Jersey alone.


#4 - Papa Murphy’s 

New Jersey is not home to any Papa Murphy's locations, so we can steer clear of this chain!


#3 - Little Caesars

Little Caesar’s has about 20 locations throughout New Jersey


#2 - CiCi’s Pizza

According to their site, it seems as though there are no CiCi’s Pizza locations in New Jersey. We dodged a bullet!


What is The #1 Pizza Chain You Need To Avoid At All Costs?


Chuck E. Cheese. I’m shocked that Chuck E. Cheese is considered to be a “pizza chain” but it has officially come in at number 1 on the list of the pizza chains you have to avoid.

There was a huge conspiracy theory that was viral recently that suggested Chuck E. Cheese locations take remaining pizza slices from customers’ tables and “recycle” them to make new pies to serve to customers.

It was just a conspiracy theory, nothing was confirmed to be true, but I’m sure that rumor is what landed it its spot at number 1.

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