Jobs are always a good thing and when you have workplaces that employ many workers that is even better, unless of course you are a person who prefers not to work, but personally I don't advise that route. Many companies are referred to as "large employers" and they are all over the United States. According to Forbes, the BEST "large employer" in America is right here in the Garden State. New Jersey is home to the very best "large employer" in America.


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According to Forbes America's Best Large Employer is a Middlesex County New Jersey Company, Novo Nordisk, in Plainsboro, New Jersey. This company employs 55,000 employees here in the Garden State, that must be one heck of a Christmas party lol. According to Forbes, "Novo Nordisk A/S is a healthcare company, which engages in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The company was founded by Harald Pedersen and Thorvald Pedersen in 1925 is headquartered in Bagsværd, Denmark. Following Novo Nordisk was #2 Garmin in Kansas, #3 Cook Children's Health Care System in Texas, #4 Children's Hospital Colorado, #5 Delta Air Lines in Georgia.





Novo Nordisk
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According to Patch, Several other New Jersey-based companies made the top 100 on Forbes’ large employers list, including:

  • #51: American Water Works
  • #67: 22nd Century Technologies
  • #88: TD Bank
  • #94: Anywhere Real Estate Inc.

No New Jersey-based companies made the top 100 on Forbes’ midsize employers list.


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Forbes added "While the spate of large-scale layoffs that befell Big Tech last year appears to have abated, workers are hardly in the clear. At least 139 tech companies have laid off a collective total of more than 34,000 employees already this year, according to—including industry giants Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and Meta."




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