Sad News Another Humpback Whale Death At The Jersey Shore

Authorities are investigating this week's death of a Humpback Whale that was found on the beach in Long Beach Township on Long Beach Island in Ocean County, New Jersey.


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I think we can all agree it is a sad story and we all grieve the whale and dolphin deaths here at the Jersey Shore regardless of what you think the cause is, the deaths are a tragic loss from the animal kingdom.    






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We decided to open this topic up to you at home on social media and get your thoughts following this latest news.


What do you think is the cause of Whale deaths at the Jersey Shore?


Terry: Murphy and his greed!

Nancy: They stopped breathing

Joe: Murphy

Carol: Hit by a propeller

Mary: Windmills

Elmer: Big boats

Jen: Murphy’s wind farms

Slade: Liberals cause they won’t admit their mistakes


Jim: Wind farms

Taylor: One word "Man"

Rain: Here we go again with the wind farms' comments even though scientists have proven otherwise

Dover: The people trying to scare you about wind turbines are the fossil fuel industry. That said, I accept there is also a percentage of aqua deaths annually that may or may not be attributed to them.
There’s also a much higher number of deaths on our national highways - but no one is outlawing cars.

Michele: Murphy and his windfarms

Tony: They heard about the property taxes in this state and will remain in the ocean

Paul: We can't blame OJ anymore


Humpback Whale Death


If you want to comment, post your thoughts in the comments section below


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