Pies are the staple for holidays, BBQs, and everything else when it comes to family and friends. Do you know where you are getting your holiday pie? This place might be your new favorite pie place.

A good piece of pie was my Dad's favorite. A good piece of apple pie is what he always ordered when we were out to dinner.

jenifoto, getty images
jenifoto, getty images

We love our pie in New Jersey and not just pizza pie. New Jersey's favorite pies are cherry, apple, and pumpkin. Key Lime is up there, too for a favorite of a lot of my co-workers. "Thank you" to the awesome "PIE" places in Ocean County, especially our top 5 - Emery's Farm, Sand Castle Diner, Lucille's, Costco, and Mueller's Bakery.

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purestock, getty stock thinkstock

Recently, I read an article from onlyinyourstate.com, and I found out about these world-famous pies. I heard this little town in New Jersey is the home of blueberries, but world-famous pies?

Where are these world-famous pies in New Jersey?

They are at Penza's Pies in the Red Barn in Hammonton, NJ. They have different flavors and the pies come in different sizes, also.

I was talking to Linda from Brick in BJ's in Toms River and we were talking about pies. I thought this would be a great article. Where are the "best" pies in Ocean County? Linda was telling me that the pies at BJ's and Costco are the biggest and the best. I had to try a pie from Costco and Linda was right, delicious.

Have you ever been to Penza's Pies in Hammonton?

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