I'll start out with this: if you have a sense of humor, then you're definitely going to think it's hilarious.

I'm talking about the map on Facebook that every New Jersey resident is either up in arms over or thinks is the funniest thing they've ever seen.

If you haven't seen it, there's a meme of a map of the Garden State floating around the internet that has every single section of New Jersey stereotyped. You've heard all of South Jersey being referred to as "Alabama" before, most likely. You've probably also heard of North Jersey being called the land of the Mcmansions.

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While this map includes both of those, this one takes it to a whole different level.

What's got everybody in South Jersey cracking up is the name the map creator has given to a specific section of Atlantic County. There's a section of the map running from east to west along both the Black and White Horse Pikes that has so many Atlantic County residents either cracking up or totally offended. From Absecon all the way up to Hammonton, the creator of the map has carved out that section of Jersey to be known as "ghetto in the woods."

People from Galloway, Egg Harbor Township, and even Mays Landing are furious over the name the creator chose to give that section of Atlantic County. Everywhere else has been dubbed "Pineys, Pineys Everywhere." That's not as offensive as being called "ghetto in the woods."

Personally, I couldn't help but crack up. I think it's hysterical. Obviously, if you live there, then you know there are BEAUTIFUL places to live within that section of the map. It's not like that entire area is run down. You've got to lighten up and take it for the joke it's supposed to be.

I'm sure the folks of Margate and Ventnor don't like being included in the section of the map that says "sad black people and misguided tourists."

If you haven't seen the map for yourself yet, check it out below:

Eric R Brunhammer via Facebook
Eric R Brunhammer via Facebook

Source: Facebook

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