It's one of those high-profile high speed chases you have to witness to believe. I wouldn't have believed it myself if it weren't plastered all over social media by multiple people.

A crazy high speed chase involving multiple New Jersey State Troopers and a Penske truck ended with the truck flipping over near the Newark Airport this week.

It was all caught on video thanks to multiple dash cams recording the entire incident. Needless to say, all who witnessed it were shaken up. The comments on one Instagram reel in particular prove that to be true.

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As it was happening, people commuting on the turnpike were trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

Nobody from the New Jersey State Police has yet to confirm what initiated the incident in the first place. What is clear, however, is that all who were involved in the chase are lucky to be alive.

@thegardenstate/@bkellsz_ via Instagram
@thegardenstate/@bkellsz_ via Instagram

Truck Jumps Multiple Lanes

The video shows the Penske truck attempting to cross a barrier to get over to the right batch of lanes on the New Jersey Turnpike near exit 13A.

The illegal merge doesn't exactly go as planned....

@thegardenstate/@bkellsz_ via Instagram
@thegardenstate/@bkellsz_ via Instagram

NJSP Overtakes The Truck

The Penske truck ultimately flips onto its right passenger side. That's when the video shows more than a dozen cops swarm the truck like bees to a hive. One trooper can even be seen climbing the truck in an attempt to access the driver.

It still remains unknown what the Penske truck was transporting, but the theories are abundant on social media. All you have to do is scroll through the comments.

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