With the rising prices of what seems like everything these days, I love heading to my local Dollar Store to give my wallet a break.

At first glance it seems great. Everything you need is there from food to personal items.

I tend to buy things like greeting cards (Hallmark is so expensive) and fun things for theme parties and holidays like balloons, decorations, gift bags, cookie tins, party beads and funny glasses. Buying those things at a party store is so much more expensive.

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TS Media

I just got little Valentine tins for my friends for Valentine's Day. I'm going to make little chocolate treats for them. I saw similar tins in other stores for way more.

I also bought a gift bag that was $5 in another big box store. It was half the price of the gift I was putting in it. No way. The gift bag at the Dollar Store was obviously a dollar.

I've looked around at other things at the Dollar Store because the savings are attractive, but many products seem cheap.

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I know that sounds funny when talking about the Dollar Store, but what I mean is the quality seems poor.

I learned my lesson when I bought a picture frame for $1 and it broke within a few days. I had to go buy a new one but at least that one was only a dollar.

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I've also noticed that the Dollar Store sells smaller sized products, so be careful because it may not actually be the best deal for the size.

Ingram Publishing
Ingram Publishing

Let me just get to the list from Reader's Digest of the things you probably shouldn't buy at the Dollar Store.

Do Not Buy These 13 Things at Dollar Stores

A Reader's Digest article says Dollar Stores are great for saving you money on some things, but there are other products that may not be the best to buy there.

Gallery Credit: Chris Rollins

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