All good things must come to an end. After 35 years in my home town, my childhood deli in Erial, New Jersey has closed.

Staple Deli in Erial, New Jersey Closes After 35 Years

I grew up in Erial in Gloucester Township in the Clementona neighborhood. As a kid, a place called Terri's Deli at the corner of Erial Road and Garwood Road was as far as I was allowed to ride my bike. I loved for Terri's penny candy, hand-dipped ice cream, and deli meats. Getting sent on an errand there was the only chore I ever looked forward to.

Goodbye, Terri's! Jimmy's Deli Takes Over an Old Favorite in Erial, NJ

Erial Fire Company Erial NJ
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In the late 1980s, Terri's Deli changed hands and became Jimmy's Deli. Jimmy's basically changed nothing about Terri's. It was the same great, convenient, consistent corner store.

Lottery tickets? Jimmy's. Cold cuts? Jimmy's.

Roughly a decade later, Jimmy's moved from where they were near Erial Fire Company to a larger location along Erial-New Brooklyn Road.

Hot Roast Beef and Fries at Jimmy's Deli Erial NJ
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The deli grew and became one of the town's go-to spots for lunchmeat sandwiches and cheesesteaks, hot roast beef, and breakfast sandwiches, as well as groceries.

I'd eventually move out of the Gloucester Township area, but on occasions when I'd pass through, I'd make time to pop into Jimmy's. The fact that its been family owned and operated all these years has been a comfort to me, especially passing through my hometown.

Lunchmeat Sandwich at Jimmy's De
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Jimmy's Deli once wrote on social media, 'Sometimes a simple sandwich is all you need.' And sometimes a visit to a place you basically LIVED in as a kid is all you need.

Neighborhood Favorite Jimmy's Deli in Erial, NJ Closes

Jimmy's Deli in Erial NJ
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My heart sank when I noticed a post on the Jimmy's Deli Facebook page that it was going to close its doors after March 3rd.

After dedicating their lives to serving the community, owners Jimmy and Ellen have decided to retire. There is no indication whether or not the deli is for sale or if a new owner will take over operations.

In a heartfelt statement the family writes, 'We want to thank the community for all the support you have given our small business. We have countless memories with you and our family that we will cherish forever.'

No, thank YOU, Jimmy's Deli, thank you. To Jimmy and Ellen, enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

Wonder if any of these famous faces below every popped into Jimmy's Deli!

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