An enchanting event is coming to Mullica Hill, New Jersey and you aren’t going to want to miss out on this.

The event itself is listed as ‘a witchy and weird shopping and social event’ and it’s coming to Mullica Hill in just a few days.

I've seen a lot of people have attended this and have posted only good things about it. It’s called the Lunar Faire and it’s something that you can attend no matter who you are or what age to have a good time and check out some vendors, performances, and more!

The event is coming back to Mullica Hill, New Jersey, and is the perfect event to check out if you're into this type of thing!

Everything about this is very laid back and it makes you feel so comfortable and welcomed before even going.

The Lunar Faire Instagram has a list of attractions like food trucks, drag shows, potions lab, ‘confusion’, drums, new moon magick, LED light dancing, a crowd reading medium event, and entertainment for all ages.

This event is for sure one of the most unique I’ve seen come to our area, but it looks like something that the entire family would be able to enjoy.

On their Instagram account, there are pictures of tents set up for vendors to check out, food and drinks, and just good vibes.

The Lunar Faire event is coming up on April 27th and you can buy your tickets online now. Get your tickets and info here!

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