It was an interesting Friday morning for Mount Laurel, New Jersey police who had to chase down a ram that got loose.



Yes, an actual RAM. With horns and EVERYTHING.

Not an average sight in South Jersey given rams are usually found in the Southwestern part of the United States and in Mexico, and definitely not the kind of chase police expected to have.

Usually, the only time we can set our eyes on a ram like this one that was running around Mount Laurel late last week is at an area zoo.

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Ram Gone Rogue

After a morning-long pursuit, the ram was wrangled in the backyard of a home off Horseshoe Drive.

Horseshoe Drive Mount Laurel NJ
Google Maps

Mount Laurel Police Department and the Division of Public Works reportedly worked together to reunite the ram with its owner.

Police Capture Ram in Mount Laurel, NJ
Mount Laurel Police Department/Facebook

Yep, someone's just here living in Burlington County with a gorgeous black ram with swirled horns as a pet! I'm both baffled and jealous, lol.

The capturing of this runaway ram is something you've just got to see for yourself! Check out the video below courtesy of NBC 10 Philadelphia.

All in a day's work, right Mount Laurel P.D.? Not a baaadddd job. Lol. Well done!

It's been a weird stretch of animals roaming odd places. There was a potbelly pig trotting around Philadelphia recently.

And just last week, right before dawn, a horse was running on I-95 near Philly!

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