Someone walked into a convenience store in Burlington County and bought a lottery ticket that's made them almost a millionaire!

That is LIFE CHANGING money! And this windfall wasn't even as a result of playing Powerball or Mega Millions.

Jersey Cash 5 Ticket Nets $915K for One New Jersey Lottery Player


This profitable ticket came from a Jersey Cash 5 drawing and matched all five numbers from Friday, April 5, 2024, according to NJ Lottery, earning the ticketholder $915,034! Not QUITE a million bucks but darn close! How incredible is that?!

The April 5, 2024 Jersey Cash 5 winning numbers were: 10, 17, 26, 29 and 34 and the XTRA number was: 03. 

That lottery winner's brain must be flooded with all the ways that kind of cash flow could make their life easier, lol. I know mine would be!

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Goodbye credit card bills and student loans, hello debt-free life, dream vacation, and maybe even a brand new home!

$915,000 Winning Lottery Ticket Sold in Burlington County, NJ

Wawa Store #8361 Cinnaminson NJ
Google Maps; Canva

The $915K winning ticket was reportedly sold at Wawa (store #8361) off Burlington Pike and Taylors Lane in Cinnaminson, New Jersey in Burlington County.

Congratulations to the winner and to Wawa #8361, who will receive a $2,000 bonus from the New Jersey Lottery for selling the winning Jersey Cash 5 ticket.

Wawa Store Sells Winning Lotto Ticket
Google Maps; Canva

If you're hoping to win the lottery, the next Jersey Cash 5 drawing is tonight (Wed., April 10th) worth an estimated $203,000. Powerball jackpot is up for grabs tonight, too, worth approximately $31 million, according to NJ Lottery. The Mega Millions is up to $120M with the next drawing happening Friday, April 12th.

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