The next Venom movie is called The Last DanceIts tagline reads “’Til Death Do They Part.” The new trailer for the film includes a moment where Venom’s human alter ego, Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock says “We may not make it out of this alive, buddy.” To which Venom replies, “the time has come.”

Is Venom going to die?

This trailer certainly wants you to think so. It’s not all ominous music and gravely delivered lines, though. It also includes scenes of Venom (voiced by Hardy) acting like an alien goofball, and the very last beat in the trailer includes Venom venomizing a horse in a very surreal visual. The cinema continues to astonish us all with new images we have never encountered before.

I find it hard to believe Sony would ever stop making Venom movies, at least until he meets Spider-Man. The whole notion feels a little like telling people the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change.

But that’s just me. See what you think when you check out the trailer below.

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Here is the film’s official synopsis:

In Venom: The Last Dance, Tom Hardy returns as Venom, one of Marvel’s greatest and most complex characters, for the final film in the trilogy. Eddie and Venom are on the run. Hunted by both of their worlds and with the net closing in, the duo are forced into a devastating decision that will bring the curtains down on Venom and Eddie's last dance.

There’s a new poster for the film as well.


Venom: The Last Dance is scheduled to open in theaters on October 25. I’m rooting for you, Venom. I hope you survive to make Venom: The Last Dance 2 in a few years.

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