Nicki Minaj is opening up about the harrowing experience of her recent arrest.

Nicki Minaj Calls Arrest Inhumane

On Tuesday (May 28), Nicki went on Stationhead to discuss her recent incarceration in the Netherlands, where she was arrested for allegedly having marijuana in her bag at the airport.

"Not being able to get to Manchester, I don’t know when was the last time I felt that low," she said, referencing the Pink Friday 2 World Tour show date she had to cancel due to her arrest. "Not only that, but knowing that something is being done to you on purpose simply because you are a confident other race...The treatment was just disgusting and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone."

When asked if she was treated like a human, Nicki responded, "No."

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Nicki Minaj Arrested in Europe Over Memorial Day Weekend

As previously reported, Nicki Minaj was arrested by Dutch Police on May 25 after marijuana was allegedly discovered in her luggage at the airport. Nicki captured video of herself being taken into custody on Instagram Live. In the video, the Queens, N.Y. rapper is being notified that she is being taken into custody due to drugs being located in her bag. Nicki bucks back and claims she won't be taken in until she has her lawyer present.

Nevertheless, she was eventually booked on the alleged suspicion of exporting soft drugs. After consulting with the Public Prosecution Service, she was let go with a small fine of 350 euros ($378.45). She ended up missing a show in Manchester due to the arrest. Nicki has since speculated on the "real" reason she was arrested, claiming that someone behind the scenes is trying to sabotage her successful Pink Friday 2 World Tour.

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Check out Nicki Minaj talking about her recent arrest below.

Hear Nicki Minaj Complain About Being Arrested in Europe

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