Aquaman popped up in the background of one lucky couple's wedding photos.

Jason Momoa, who stars in the DC Comics film, photobombed newlyweds Kaitlin and Brandon taking pictures together on a beach in Oahu, Hawaii on Thursday, Us Weekly reported. The 37-year-old actor can be seen standing behind the couple wearing a grey tank top, blue and white striped board shorts, with an Aquaman trident in his hand.

Momoa's shown pretending to poke at the duo as they lean in for a kiss. The wedding photographer, as well as a few fans nearby, snapped shots of the hilarious moment. Wedding planner Carina Cooper, who apparently orchestrated the run-in, posted pictures of the interaction on Instagram.

"Best wedding crasher ever!" she wrote "Thanks for being so awesome!"

She told Us, the couple was taking photos on the beach after wrapping up their ceremony when their photographer noticed Momoa nearby and asked if he'd mind popping in for a few pictures. Coincidentally, a boy on the beach happened to have a trident with him, so Momoa borrowed it for the photos.

"It was such a special day all around. We were feeling sprinkled with magic throughout our day with rainbows in the morning and butterflies all around," the bride said. "We found out via our photographer that Jason was in town. I said to him, 'How amazing would that be to get a photo with him on our wedding day?' And then, lo and behold, an hour later, after we had said our vows and we were getting photos taken, he walked down to the beach with his crew."

She continued, "They were amazingly kind and gracious, shouting congratulations to us as they approached. Our photographer waved him over and he blessed us with some hilarious Aquaman-style photos that we will treasure forever! We got to chat with a few of the folks he was with after and everyone was absolutely lovely. It was a great experience and a sure way to make our wedding unforgettable!"

The former Game of Thrones star is in his native Hawaii for a special screening of his upcoming film, Hawaii News Now reported.

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