"Aht aht aht! You betta not get in that wooder yet, putcha sunscreen on!"

Now that we're about to head into summer, the Jersey shores are about to be where all the fun is at yet again! And for families coming out to the beach, the Jersey moms are gonna be the ones keeping everyone in check. And this hilarious TikToker just summed them up!

Credit: TikTok @hashtagkarenag
Credit: TikTok @hashtagkarenag
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A few things to note about the Jersey beach mom:

  • She will insist you put on your sunscreen at least 3 times. In fact, she'll slap 6 layers of it on for you.
  • She will pack ziplocked sandwiches and bottled water rather than paying for overpriced food on the boardwalk.
  • She will give her signature "Aht aht aht!" when her kids start wandering a little too deep in the water (even if they're only 5 yards out).
  • You will hear her loud and clear from 100 yards away over a sea of people.
  • We love her. She runs a tight ship

TikToker @hashtagkarenag has personified a quintessentially New Jerseyan woman to a T in many of her videos. And this impression of a Jersey mom at the beach is no exception!

Check out her video down below! I swear this woman is a riot.

She is the moment. Honestly where would we be without her?

Are you the Jersey beach mom in your family? If not, send this video to the person who is! Also give @hashtagkarenag a follow on TikTok. She has over 400k followers and she's sure to give you a laugh!

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