Last week, Juice Wrld was celebrated on what would have been his 22nd birthday (Dec. 2), with fans remembering the late rapper's incomparable talent and his own mother sharing memories of their birthday rituals together. This week, the multiplatinum-selling artist's legacy is being honored on the one-year anniversary of his death.

Today (Dec. 8), marks one year since the music industry lost Juice Wrld, who died just a week after his 21st birthday last year. The Chicago rhymer died as a result of oxycodone and codeine toxicity at Chicago's Midway International Airport. His shocking passing echoed sorrow throughout the world since Juice became widely known as the unfiltered voice of a new generation. Millions of fans gravitated to the pain he poured out on the mic, often detailing the hurdles of anxiety, depression and love. Though these themes fall on the darker side of things, it was Juice’s acceptance of both his ups and downs that made his music radiate with faith and positivity.

With an infectious aura, bubbled by his on-command freestyling, Juice Wrld quickly became a worldwide superstar whose music continues to live on as the soundtrack for millions of kids who are going through hard times. His breakout, multiplatinum single “Lucid Dreams” is a prime example of the therapy sessions that often lived on wax for the late rapper.

Juice's candid content is still a guiding light in his music, and is coated all throughout projects like Goodbye & Good Riddance, Wrld On Drugs with Future, Death for Race Love and even his first posthumous album, Legends Never Die, released in July of this year.

The Grade A Productions and Interscope signee always admitted that nothing would be possible without the people around him, including his longtime girlfriend Ally Lotti and his fans. Months before his tragic passing, he took time on his own to express himself in two letters that Ally Lotti exclusively shares with XXL today.

According to Ally, the letters were penned in Düsseldorf, Germany, at the Hyatt Regency back in the first quarter of 2019, when Juice opened up for Nicki Minaj on The Nicki Wrld Tour. Ally says Juice snuck the letters into her wallet, where they remained unseen until Ally dug into her wallet to pay for the outfit she wore to Juice's funeral in December of 2019.

Ally confirms that the first letter, pictured on the left, was directed to her, and reads, “You are: my sanity, my safe haven, my first and last true love, my BFF, my home… You are my everything.”

She asserts that the second letter, seen on the right, was intended for her to tell Juice Wrld's fans. According to her, Juice felt that since Ally sheltered him from his pain, it is now her duty to spread this message and help provide a sense of shelter to Juice's fans in some way.

“I’ve been broken 4 so long without repair," the letter reads. "You fixed me permanently... So I cannot let you out my [sight]. You are my [umbrella] when it’s raining, you keep me dry from my own tears and the tears of the world.”

If there’s one thing the lauded MC would likely want us all to remember today, it’s the fact that he was grateful for each and every one who supported him.

Long live Juice Wrld.

Ally Lotti
Ally Lotti

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