On Cam'ron's 2000 track, “Losin' Weight,” he shares some knowledge imparted on him by his uncle: “You can’t get paid in a Earth this big?/You worthless kid, nigga don't deserve to live.” While the statement on face value is harsh and a bit problematic, the sentiment is understood. There are countless ways for a person to get their bag up.

Rappers have been bragging about getting major bread for years, but the monetary machismo is at an all-time high. The chains are gaudier. The grills are glitterier. The money stacks on Instagram are leaning like the Tower of Pisa. Money talk in songs is almost inescapable, even from the more conservative artists. But how are these artists getting these bags, according to them?

Show money is one way rhymes have been cashing in big time, with some numbers being eye-popping. Feature money from a song collab is an additional way for big artists to garner a substantial sack. DSPs have also afforded rappers the opportunity to stack big bank even without the help of a major label. More and more of hip-hop's stars are starting to invest in companies, using their pull and brand to rack up paper by the stacks. Cryptocurrency is another way MCs have been known to turn disposable income into phonebook stacks of cash being flashed on the ’Gram. Other lyrical beasts are obscure about their money flipping tactics. The endorsement life is pretty good, too. Just ask Travis Scott.

With rappers in 2021 finding unique ways to make their money double, and rapping about it, XXL highlights the best ways they school you on how to stack paper. Legally, of course.

See These Rappers School You on the Ways They Get to the Bag

These Rappers School You on the Best Ways to Get to the Bag

Lil Baby, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and more.

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