Katy Perry just unveiled her new summer single "Small Talk."

The 34-year-old singer, who previously released the chart-topping and certified gold banger "Never Really Over" earlier this year, is back with another relatable breakup bop. On Friday (August 9), she dropped the catchy track, which is about the "poignant acknowledgment of the emotional distance that develops after a breakup" and how two people can go from "strangers to lovers to strangers in a lifetime."

"Isn’t it weird/ That you've seen me naked/ We had conversations about forever/ Now it's about the weather, okay," she sings on the track, which was co-written by Charlie Puth. "Had every inch of your skin/ There's nowhere your hands haven't been/ Ain't it funny, 'cause now there's nothing left but small talk."

There's no official "Small Talk" music video yet, but Perry did release a lyric video.

Though the pop star also has yet to announce KP5, her two newest singles seem to indicate her next album might be an epic breakup album. (Don't worry her and Orlando Bloom are still together!) There’s also speculation she collaborated on a song with Taylor Swift on her upcoming Lover album, however, nothing has been confirmed. It's said to be a track about "women empowerment" and will also feature Selena Gomez.

Fans are definitely excited about the potential collab, but for now, they're loving "Small Talk."

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