Kehlani's new music video "Butterfly" is here!

The 23-year-old R&B singer showed off her beautiful nude figure and growing baby bump in the mesmerizing visuals for her new single, off her latest mixtape While We Wait. In it, we see her literally emerge from a cocoon and transform into a majestic blue butterfly—which of course, mirrors the transformation of her pregnant body. In October, she announced she was expecting her first child—a baby girl—with boyfriend Javie Young-White.

The music video gave Kehlani the opportunity to collaborate with her former Oakland School for the Arts teachers, who recruited high school students to help create the stunning set design. The young dancers featured the video, Munir and Musa Omar, are also students who created the choreography the night before production.

Alongside a clip posted on Instagram on Wednesday (Mar. 6), Kehlani gave them all a shoutout, writing, “Thank you Oakland School for the Arts for cultivating such a beautiful community, and teaching me so much of what I use today in my career,” she wrote. "Thank you for bringing my vision to life."

Check out Kehlani's "Butterfly" music video below:

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