Originally, Kenny Loggins was going to come in and perform a new cut of his classic ’80s anthem “Danger Zone” for the new Top Gun sequel. That version was going to use “5.0” Surround Sound. Those who have already seen Top Gun: Maverick were treated to a recreation of the original film’s opening credits, complete with “Danger Zone,”  but they also must have noticed that what we got wasn’t an update of the song, but rather the same old Loggins tune.

There's actually very good reason for why we got the original, though. The director explained to Entertainment Weekly...

I wanted that first few minutes to just tell you, this is a Top Gun movie, we love it as much you do. From there, our story goes in a very different direction, but I wanted the first few minutes to let the audience know: Don’t worry, we love it too, this is going to be a Top Gun movie.

According to Loggins, Tom Cruise made it very clear that he wanted to go for the original track rather than a stereo remix or a new cut. He wanted to take everyone in the theater back to where they were in 1986. During Loggins’ first meeting with Cruise, he just had to ask about what would happen with “Danger Zone” if he ever made another Top Gun:

When I met Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel Live! about six years ago, I knew he had the property at that point ... I said, ‘o, tell me, is ‘Danger Zone’ in or out?’ And he said, ‘It wouldn't be Top Gun without ‘Danger Zone.’ He stayed true to his word. When we first talked about it, they were thinking it might go in a scene in the middle of the movie or somewhere near the end where he comes to the rescue. Instead, Tom opted to use it at the beginning of the movie so that it really conjures up the energy and excitement of the original Top Gun.

While we’d have loved to hear a new cut of the track, it absolutely makes sense that such a nostalgia-laden film would use the original track. The classic vibe of the intro is palpable.

Top Gun: Maverick is currently playing in theaters all across the country.

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