It's probably everyone's dream to go back to where they were raised and help the ones in need during tough times. Well, that's exactly what Kevin Hart is doing.

6abc recently reported that Kevin Hart is doing whatever he can to make people smile. This time it is not through comedy but by donating meals through Hungry@Home. Many of the people benefiting from the meals that the comedian has donated will be the elderly that have been affected by the coronavirus.

In an Instagram post Kevin Hart shared, "@tryhungry and I are feeding the elderly and those in need in my hometown of Philly." Hart also said, “Instead of canned food, we delivered hot and ready to eat chef made meals. This week was just the start, we plan on continuing to feed the community and taking care of this city that I love so much."

Today (April 1st) Kevin Hart posted a picture of the article that 6abc released with the caption "I love my city..." This just shows that he will do whatever it takes to help the City of Brotherly Love during these tough times.

It is great to see all of these celebrities teaming up with companies to help the less fortunate during these tough times.


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