The Kardashian sisters, especially Khloe and Kim, aren't strangers to experimenting with their looks and trying out dramatic new hairstyles and colors. However, Khloe's latest hair transformation might be one of our fave looks on her yet.

The youngest of the three Kardashian sisters unveiled a new powder-pink hair color on Instagram over the weekend and it's giving us life. The light pink tresses mixed with some bleach blond and darker routes? Yes, ma'am. The killer makeup completes the look.

Khloe captioned the post, "You'll never get the same moment twice. Appreciate this moment," and we're trying to figure out if she means moments in life, or if she's telling us this blush-colored look is just a fun, temporary thing.

The glam gurus behind Khloe's fun new look? Tagged in the post are celeb hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons and celeb makeup artist Etienne Ortega, who both work with the entire Kardashian-Jenner family often.

What do you think of Khloe's new hair color? Do you think she'll keep it for awhile, or was it just a fun thing to do for a day? Let us know.

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