2020 was a very long year with the whole pandemic and 2021 so far is not looking much different. Even though times have been tough we all have been able to find some sort of positivity either from seeing others do good deeds or finding some other way to stay mentally positive.

We can easily say that kids possibly have made this pandemic a little easier one way or another with their innocent and funny ways. I was driving around in an Ewing Township neighborhood when I noticed some chalk art that was sending some positive vibes to the residents of the area and everyone that drove by.

The message was simple but it felt like it meant a lot during this tough pandemic. The chalk art in the Ewing Township neighborhood read "Hello Stay Safe." The chalk art in the middle of the road kind of looks like a city speed sign that says "speed 25 mph" but in this case, it is a positive message.

Credit: PST Staff
Credit: PST Staff

There are several messages in the neighborhood that all have the same positive message. You can't miss them because the yellow, blue and pink colors stand out a lot.

I believe the chalk art on the street was created by kids but really we are not sure. Either way, driving in the Ewing Township neighborhood and seeing a simple but powerful message changes your whole mood. Just like that message says "Hello Stay Safe" let's all hope that this pandemic ends soon and we can carry on with our normal lives.

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