Ellen DeGeneres is always trying to help people and during this season of giving she takes it to a different level. On the most recent episode of the  Ellen DeGeneres' Show, she thanked teachers for all that they do. The coolest part about it is that Ellen thanked teachers from a school right here in the Garden State.

According to TapInto.net, today on The Ellen Show, Ellen spoke highly of teachers but the real shine was on the teachers at Klockner Elementary School in Hamilton. Ellen said, "These teachers go above and beyond for their students. On behalf of everyone in the world, we say thank you."

On the Tap Into website, it was stated that a few teachers from Klockner Elementary School were (virtually) a part of the spotlight and were shown on the live broadcast during The Ellen Show.

We also learned from Tap Into that since Ellen DeGeneres kicked off her highly anticipated 12 Days of Giveaways the teachers at Klockner Elementary School were lucky enough to be a part of day one. Day one of the 12 Days of Giveaways got the Klockner Elementary teachers as well as the audience a "GoPro camera, a pickleball game, a muscle massager, and a row machine. Combined, the gifts are worth more than $4,000."

The happiness coming out of every single staff member from Klockner Elementary School when they found out that they were a part of day one of the 12 Days of Giveaways was just amazing.

We can easily say that being a part of The Ellen Show is a dream of many people and getting free stuff has to make it even better.

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