Good news, foodies. A new restaurant is coming soon to Quaker Bridge Mall on Route 1 in Lawrence Township.

KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot is going to be where Brio Italian Grille was, next to The Cheesecake Factory, on the lower level of the mall, near JC Penney, according to KPOT's website.


Have you ever heard of KPOT before? I hadn't.

It's an all you can eat restaurant and is described as a "Leading cultural dining revolution. A unique, hands on, all-you-can-eat experience that merges traditional  Asian hot pot with Korean BBQ flavors."

It got its start by four friends all combining their favorite foods while dining together.

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It seems as if it's going to have some night life because it has a full bar. It's all about sharing a meal with friends...whether it be one friend or

I checked out KPOT's Facebook and the tables are unique. Each table has a grill pan in the middle for you to cook meats, seafood and more. It looks like there are plenty of options.

Check out this video from a recent grand opening in Staten Island, New York.

There are also burners built into the tables. The hot pot goes on the burners and has a soup stock in it. You'll put things in the pot to cook, right at your table.

The cooking style reminds me of fondue, except this isn't cheese or chocolate.

KPOT has a sauce bar where you can make your own sauces, a hot bar for other goodies.

You can check out the menu here. There's another KPOT not too far from Mercer County, on Route 18 in East Brunswick.

No word on an opening date yet, but, as soon as I find out, I'll let you know.

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