Lady Gaga and Blackpink's highly-anticipated new song "Sour Candy" is here!

On Thursday (May 28), the pop superstar released the latest single off her sixth studio album Chromatica. She teamed up with K-pop queens Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo for the bilingual dance track which samples "What They Say" by Maya Jane Coles. (It's also previously been used in Katy Perry’s "Swish Swish.")

"I’m sour candy, so sweet then I get a little angry / I’m super psycho, make you crazy when I turn the lights low," Jennie and Lisa rap on the track before Gaga hits us with the chorus: "I'm hard on the outside, but if you give me time, then I could make time for your love / I'm hard on the outside, but if you see inside."

Listen to Lady Gaga and Blackpink's "Sour Candy," below:

Reactions to the song are already overwhelmingly positive over on Twitter with #SourCandy, #LadyGaga, #Chromatica and #Blackpink all trending worldwide. See reactions from Blinks (Blackpink fans), below.

In a recent interview Japanese publication TV Groove, the pop star spoke candidly about working with Blackpink and how proud she is to become the group's unofficial fifth member.

"I called Blackpink first to suggest working together. The Blackpink members were happy and showed enthusiasm for the project, so we were able to collaborate thanks to that," Gaga explained. "I wanted to support powerful women such as Blackpink, and they felt the same.”

"I got excited while hearing them interpret the song in Korean. I told them that their part is very creative and fun," she continued. "Blackpink are beautiful young women, and they’re very talented. Through this collaboration, I felt proud as if I’d become Blackpink’s fifth member.”

"Sour Candy" is the third song to be released from Chromatica, which officially drops tomorrow, May 29, following Gaga's first single "Stupid Love" and her Ariana Grande collaboration "Rain on Me."

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