There's a good chance that there's something on your car right now that could get you pulled over and you could face a $100 or $200 fine -- even if you didn't put it on your vehicle yourself.

Do you know that frame you have around your license plate? If it obstructs any part of it, it's illegal and New Jersey's attorney general is cracking down on them.

Now, some people buy them as accessories, but often when you buy a new or pre-owned vehicle, the dealership that you bought it from will put one on as an advertisement -- and that, too, is a problem according to the state.

Acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck says state law requires all markings on a license plate to be legible or identifiable. Keyword: all.

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According to a recent State Supreme Court decision, a driver is in violation of the law if their license plate frame or holder conceals or obscures any marking on a plate. That includes the words "Garden State" and "New Jersey."

So, if your fun license plate holder blocks those words but the letters and numbers are clearly visible, you can be pulled over.

Officials are notifying stores and car dealerships that they can be held accountable if they sell or advertise unlawful license plate frames or holders, or vehicles with them, without informing consumers that they may violate state law if they have them on their vehicle.

Bruck said in a statement,

"It should go without saying that drivers buying cars in New Jersey should not be sold products that violate state laws. With today’s common sense action, we are addressing unlawful license plate frames and holders at their source. By promoting compliance among motor vehicle dealers and other merchants, we hope to reduce the number of drivers who are violating the law unintentionally and getting pulled over as a result."

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