Recently some stores have opened up across the country while other stores have remained open but only providing curbside services. We found some interesting information that you will be excited to read because we are sure you want to be aware of what to expect next time you go shopping at one of your favorites stores. According to, some stores will not be taking cash in an effort to be as contactless as possible. Other stores will have strict entry and exit rules.

Here are some of the stores that we thought you would want to know the new rules of, according to The Krazy Coupon Lady website:

Best Buy has been one store that has remained open for some time now and allowing customers to have contactless curbside pick up.  One of the big new rules for Best Buy is that you must schedule an appointment for any in-store shopping. All employees will be wearing protective gear.

Kohl's has reopened in different parts of the country but not in New Jersey yet. One of the new rules, when Kohl's does reopen here, will be that they will have shorter hours and some special hours for high-risk individuals. Checkout lanes will be cleaned after every customer. They are also looking to have new contact-free check out options.

JCPenney has been one store that has been rumored to close multiple locations after filing for bankruptcy but if there is still one in your area, there will be a limited amount of in-store customers allowed. You may have to wait to walk into the store.

Macy's will be having some new rules also. Customers must request fragrance samples, you can't try on undergarments and shirts, make-up testing will no longer be a thing. Another one that was pointed out was that Macy's will be adding plexiglass at checkout areas.

Ross is one that many people love, including us. Fitting rooms will not be available to customers, you can not place anything on hold, and there will be disinfectants for shopping carts.

Starbucks will continue with there no sit-down service and reusable cups are not allowed (Ouch!). There will also be consistent with employee wellness checks.

T.J Maxx will be having similar rules as the stores previously mentioned.

Bath and Body Works, Sephora, and Victoria's Secret have not shared any new rules when they decide to open but we are sure they will be very strict as well. According to, most of these stores will be having massive sales that we probably will have to take advantage of.

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