When the coronavirus crisis began to affect our area back in March, one local couple knew they wanted to help, and sprung into action.

Eric Sims, of Philadelphia told his girlfriend, Stephanie Gold, of Pennington, that they needed to buy a sewing machine and material quickly, because people were going to need face masks to stay safe from this virus. While they were in "lock down," they started sewing, and sewing, and sewing, until their new business, Lockeddowndesigns, was born.

At first, the couple made face masks for our frontline heroes, and since then, their business has grown by leaps and bounds. They never imagined the huge response. Even though both have full-time jobs, Lockeddowndesigns has happily taken over much of their time.

You have to check out their website. Their goal has always been "making a premium mask that not just performs great but is also comfortable to wear, that makes a statement and that will hold up wash after wash.....after all you don’t wear the same underwear every day so why would you wear the same face mask every day." Lol.

The masks are very cool. They've donated many to healthcare workers, cancer patients, hospices, and pharmacies. I chatted with Stephanie yesterday, and she told me about their collections. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs to please both men and women. They're made with nose guards and replaceable 5 layer activated carbon filters. They have tons of sports team patterns (so you can show your team pride), camo, tie dye (which is very trendy right now), summer's hottest styles, and more.
Word has traveled fast about Lockeddowndesigns. You may have seen them on Good Day New York last week, and they'll be featured on The Today Show this Friday (July 3rd). Wow.
Lockeddowndesigns is on Facebook and Instagram. Go take a look.
Good luck, Stephanie & Eric. Great to chat with you.

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