It’s totally that time of the year again to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and I am so excited. The first week of May is just an awesome excuse to eat Mexican food and drink margaritas because we’re celebrating a holiday.

Personally, Mexican food is my favorite type of food, and when there’s any excuse to eat a taco or five or even a burrito the size of my head, I’m always down.

Chipotle and Taco Bell can be good, but nothing can compare to the authentic Mexican dishes that you can find at the restaurants I listed below.

I found places in Hamilton, Trenton, Lawrence, and Princeton that have all been talked about a lot and rated well online by their customers.

Some that I listed I’ve tried like La Taqueria, El Jalapeno, and Chencha y Chole, and all of them are amazing.

There are also a few on the list that I haven’t gotten a chance to try, which are Tortugas Mexican Village that, by the way, has an adorable front patio that you can sit on and eat at.

All of these businesses are not massive chains that have thousands of locations in every state, which is really cool to me.

Supporting local businesses is super important and is very important to me personally. Also, by supporting and eating at these businesses, you’re not only giving back to small business owners, but you’re also getting way better quality Mexican food than you would from mass chain restaurants so it’s for sure worth trying.

Here is a list of local Mexican restaurants to support this Cinco de Mayo that is right in our area.

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