Babies can ruin a moviegoers experience, but there is a theater in Mercer County that actually wants to people to bring their infants to the movies.  And what makes this even stranger is that the film that is showing is Rated R and contains nudity and profanity.

The Hopewell Theater is starting a new program called Crybaby Screenings.  Every Thursday at 11am, the theater will allow babies free admission.  If you're not an infant, you'll pay $6.

The first Crybaby Screening is happening tomorrow at 11am and will feature the 1984 film, Purple Rain, starring Prince.

Here is the schedule for upcoming Crybaby Screenings:

  • June 6:  TBD
  • June 13: Biggest Little Farm
  • June 20: The Red Balloon & White Mane
  • June 27: Halston
  • July 4: TBD
  • July 11: The Phantom Tollbooth
  • July 18: Pink Floyd's The Wall
  • July 25: Superman Cartoons, Part 1
  • Aug. 1: Back To The Future
  • Aug. 8: TBD
  • Aug. 15: Superman Cartoons, Part 2
  • Aug. 22: TBD
  • Aug. 29: TBD

Note:  I'm not familiar with most of these movies, but I was a little disturbed when I saw Pink Floyd's The Wall in a college film class.

For more information on the Crybaby Screenings and other upcoming events at Hopewell Theater, click here.

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