It's beautiful how music can bring us together during these social distancing times. Joey De Noble and Keith Garner are two Pennsylvanians that are practicing social distancing while trying to bring a smile to all essential workers with music being played off their pick up truck.

De Noble and Garner have traveled throughout Bucks County to set up their instruments in the parking lots of big retail stores and hospitals to show appreciation to essential workers in our communities. We learned from Bucks Co News Feed on Facebook that some of the locations that Garner and De Noble have shown appreciation for the essential workers include St Mary's Hospital in Newtown, Doylestown Hospital, St Lukes Quakertown, Walmart in Hatfield, amongst other locations.

In a few of the videos posted by Garner and De Noble, some essential workers have requested for the 2 traveling musicians to stop by their hospital to cheer them on during the long work shifts.

The two seem to be enjoying their time as they thank the essential workers.

If you happen to run into their performance we are sure it's heartwarming because they are doing whatever they can to brighten the essential worker's days.

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