An East Windsor newspaper deliveryman is gaining national recognition for his over 900 good deeds so far, during this coronavirus pandemic, and he's not stopping, according to the Insider.

We talked about Greg Dailey during Chris & the Crew's "Good News" segment back in the spring. We knew he was from New Jersey, but, didn't realize at the time that he's from East Windsor. We're practically neighbors.

Let me tell you Greg's story...he's a true hero, one that many in the area will never forget. Greg's been delivering newspapers in the East Windsor area for over 25 years, delivering to mostly elderly people. One day, back in March (at the beginning of the pandemic), Greg got a call from one of the elderly residents on his paper route, asking if he wouldn't mind putting her newspaper closely to her door, because she was having trouble reaching it on the sidewalk. He obliged.

A few days later, Greg, called the woman to see if she needed anything, realizing there may be a need. The woman happily gave him a small grocery shopping list. As he was checking out at the store, she called to ask him if he could pick up some things for her neighbor as well. He soon put flyers into all of the newspapers he delivers, asking if anyone else needed help getting groceries, and that he would deliver them for free.

Since March, he's made over 900 deliveries of groceries. Wow. All the deliveries have been to elderly and high risk residents, who need to be extra careful during this pandemic. Many were unable to secure a delivery service, because they've been booked. Some of his family members have helped with the deliveries too.

Dailey said, "Other than delivering papers, I had no relationship with these customers. That has changed considerably."  He doesn't just deliver groceries, he cares. "I sit there and talk to them. It's become more than just a shopping and delivery service," he said.

Don't worry, even when the pandemic ends (hopefully soon), he plans on still helping out his new friends.

Way to go Greg. Keep up the good work.

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